We are Steve and Emma, two British twenty-something’s with grand dreams, loving families and great friends around the globe.

Like many of us however, we have a niggle, a question, a pull towards our true raison d’être.

We were both serial job changers, not always because we disliked our employment but mostly due to our insatiable want for something fresh and challenging when things started to get routine and/or mundane. This explains our somewhat assorted and diverse CV’s and eclectic skill sets and hobbies.

Initially we sought to travel the world indefinitely, we planned to move enthusiastically and organically around the globe, transforming our perspectives and harnessed with the philosophical mind-set – come what may. Instead of living our lives in search of some higher goal or outcome, we instead wanted to stop searching and let life occur more naturally and spontaneously.

We are passionate about fulfilling our potential, however after months of research and discussion our unexpected and immediate plan for the future evolved into something new and just as exciting.

Our ambition to travel the world still strongly remains, however at present we are instinctively drawn towards an opportunity to begin a project in the mountains of Valencia, Spain.

For years we have talked about how we can do things differently. There is far too much to see and do in one lifetime without the added pressure of having to choose just one thing to focus on. Each week I pipe up with yet another interesting subject I’d like to study or Steve becomes engrossed in a fresh project. Be it yoga, gardening, DIY, the theories of time and space, archaeology……… the list really is endless. We can’t choose, we can’t settle. “They won’t get many job offers with that attitude” I hear you thinking. Well actually, confronting our unconventional views and lifestyle has in fact opened us up and enabled us to fall quite comfortably into our next adventure.

The Spanish life, culture, cuisine and language are intoxicating, so after seven years of on/off travel, here begins a new chapter, a new lifestyle, a new agenda. We are staying put, at least for the moment………… Come stay with us at Benali.


Growing up in a military family charged my spirit with a fascination for all things nomadic.
Enthused further by my studies in Psychology, Counselling and Interpersonal skills at University, I relish the thought of new lands, new culture and new perspective.
My philosophy centres on the notion that “happy people are always changing” Osho, and my changes in location and job roles have given me in-depth knowledge and heightened awareness about “the way we are” and “what we want”.

Moving through the care industry into hospitality was a strange but not regrettable decision as my inherent need to relate, help and be with other people was satisfied (mostly) in both roles. This change certainly taught me to adapt, improvise and overcome and any opportunity to explore new places, meet new people or discover new experiences has been taken up with energy and gusto.


With over ten years’ experience in varied kitchen environments and a colourful spell as head chef, I developed a zeal for international cuisine. My focus however has moved away from Gross Profit and Specials and now resides quite comfortably on composing feasts and events for friends, family and guests. Combining organic, seasonal, local produce with a creative flair for presentation has resulted in a much happier and more content chef!